Can environmentalism be non-ideological? A case of ecofascism

12. novembra 20209971

Where did eco-fascicm originate? Was it in the third reich or only later? And whom can we even call an eco-fascist? Is it a neo-nazi that wants to conserve nature or an ecologist that propagates anti-humanist narratives such as overpopulation or social darwinism? What other narratives and tactics are contemporary eco-fascists using in their attempts to infiltrate mainstream ecology and what can we do about it?

We will try to answer these questions together with our guests Balša Lubarda, an environmental sociologist, and Hilary Moore, a political educator focused on the topics of anti-racism and climate change.

Podcast podporila Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung so zastúpením v Českej republike a Fond na podporu umenia

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